Message of Support by Mr. Nnimmo Bassey, Chair of Friends of the Earth International

August 6, 2010

I send you greetings of peace and solidarity from Nigeria. The courageous campaigns/protests of the KFEM activists is already on the website of Friends of the Earth International. The news of this struggle is being spread widely and we will continue to do so.

Since I visited Korea in March this year I was fully convinced that the 4 Rivers project is not what is needed. It is clear that the reasons given for embarking on the project are merely used to promote the scheme and will not give the result being claimed. There is no way a dam can revitalise a river! With regard to securing water for the expected shortage in future, we can say that climate change is merley being used as a cover up for a project that is not needed, now or in the future.

I fully support your actions and send this message to all the activists to keep on fighting for the truth and for justice. The natural environment is the best security for a safe, healthy and liveable future.

Your struggle for Korea is a struggle for all of humanity. We stand with you in this.

Your brother

Nnimmo Bassey
Chair, Friends of the Earth International

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