Sitting in on the Ipo Dam

On July 22, three environmental activists of Korea Federation for Environmental Movements (KFEM)/Friends of the Earth Korea went up to the more than 20 meter high top of the Ipo Dam which is one of the 18 new dams being constructed as the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project of South Korea.

It is 12th day, today and they are still sitting in on the top of the dam with banners saying "Listen to the Voices of People", "SOS 4 Rivers" and "Let the 4 Rivers Flow". Though they are suffering from heat wave, fatigue, food and water shortage and communication problems, they are very determined that they would not stop their sit-in before S. Korean government to stop the project and to let an independent body to be formed to examine the feasibility of the project.

Here is a short video of the first day of the sit-in produced by the Hani News.

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